The third, and Happy 4th!

I was entirely too tired to post yesterday......so here goes. We started our new project at work, with the objective of re-designing their Smalls Sort area. Also, we completed a few load quality audits while the pre-loaders were loading the trucks. As one of my colleagues (Robyn Smaha, a very young, genius of a woman with an MBA) was showing me how to complete an audit, she found 2 mis-loads on the very first truck! A mis-load is simply a package that has been put on the wrong truck, which is a very big deal. The Manager of that particular line then proceeded to destroy the pre-loader.......I felt kind of bad for him! I completed the rest of the audits, and lucky for them, no more mis-loads were found.

After work Jamie and I completed our second out of three upper-body workouts for the week, and this particular workout utilized the "high-rep-low-weight" method. After lifting, we headed straight to Chace Lake to play some doubles tennis with Moose and Matt Sterley. After last weeks pitiful performance, Sterley and I were determined to dominate, like we knew that we could. We came out blazing, taking the first set 6-0. We fell into a little rut in the second set, however, and were down 4 games to 1 right off the bat. After a quick regrouping though, we proceeded to win the next 5 games to take the second set 6-4. After this amazing comeback, it was pretty much over. My first serve was pretty much unstoppable the last game, and throughout the whole match, I think my serve was only broke one time. I think we won the third set 6-1 or 6-2, but to one watching, it probably looked like 6-0. Just like last week, my net play was rather sub-par, but my forehand was pretty strong, and I would estimate that I probably hit 70% of my first-serves, and that number probably jumped to 85% in the third set.

After our 6-0, 6-4, 6-1 win, we switched it up for a Jamie/Chad vs. Moose/Sterley 1 set match-up. We fell down to a 1-4 deficit, but then started to post a miraculous comeback. Jame's net play combined with my back court play helped us get it as close as 4-5, but they eventually closed out the last game for the win. I am confident, however, that next time we can squeak out a "W."

I just ate my 4th of July lunch, and the menu was as follows:
-Pork tenderloin
-Baked potato
-Baked beans
-Cheese bread
-Chocolate chip pound cake

Needless to say, I am stuffed right now. Who knows what the rest of the day will bring....maybe I'll get into trouble with some fireworks.

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