My legs hurt

I started off the day strong, waking at 8:30 a.m. to go lifts some weights at the Hoover REC Center. Today was a leg day, so the workout consisted of squats, calf raises, leg extensions, and leg curls. I reached the 300 lb milestone on squats today, finishing my 5th set with 2 reps of 305 lbs. My goal for the summer, as I previously stated, is to be able to max 400 lbs, which means I will probably be finishing my last set with about 340 to 350 lbs. At the rate I am going, I will be there in approximately 4 weeks.

I rolled into work at noon, since I was supposed to work the Local Sort today. For the first 4 hours or so, I made some final adjustments to our project and tried to contact the Manager over in Tuscaloosa, but he did not answer. When the trucks started coming in, we went out to do some check-in audits. These are very necessary in order to find out what UPS is doing wrong and how they can make it better, and it serves as a complimentary back-end to the Planning methodologies. Anyways, we are starting a new project tomorrow that focuses on the "smalls sort." Every package that is a "small" (pretty much, this means that you can hold it in one hand) is bagged in a special container. This method helps decrease damage claims and provides a means for shipping simplification by allowing UPS to group all boxes that are going to one particular place in one container. Our project is pretty vague right now, but it has something to do with improving this operation.

After work, Jamie and I went on a 5.5 mile run down through Lake Crest, around the lake, and back. We made the run in 43 min and 11 sec, which averages out to around 7:51 a mile. It was probably one of the most painful, easy runs I have ever been on. After the first mile, my legs felt like complete jello due to my leg workout this morning. The whole rest of the run was a drag, but I guess some days are like that. It was pouring rain when we started out, but my the end of the run it was pretty humid, and I could see the steam coming off the concrete as we progressed through the run. Also, if you were wandering how I knew the exact distance of our run even though it was party on trails, there is this SWEET website where you can draw your own routes on a map powered by Google, and it automatically tracks the distance as well as any elevation changes. Check it out here.

I ran across three outrageous articles today at work:

Also, I heard a pretty funny quote at work from one of the Managers:
(pointing to a guy who was putting packages in a container)....
"This guy scans like 3000 packages a night. He's unstoppable. He must be on cocaine, speed, or crack."

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