End of the 4th + the 5th

I really didn't do much on our Nation's birthday, except eat a lot (a traditional happening in my family) and play a lot of tennis (a traditional happening for the summer).

Work today was good........we reorganized the whole Smalls Sort area, which may sound rather elementary, but I guarantee you that productivity will go up by at least 5% in that area.......and that is what IE is all about. This reminds me of a comment I recently heard in response to the University of Alabama closing down the IE department. Some uninformed student proceeded to say that IE's work in manufacturing alone, and their skill set is overlapped by other engineering disciplines. Hmmmmm, that couldn't be farther from the truth. If it was true, would I really be working for UPS? (obviously, a not a manufacturing company) I would ask this gentleman to look at the manufacturing and service industries as a whole, and then get back to me.

My Dad has started up a Bible Study at our house on Thursday nights, and tonight was the first session. It went pretty well I would say, even though there were only about 4 of us, haha. If anyone is interested, please let me know.

I ran 2 miles today, finishing with a nice sprint up our hill (which rises 112 feet in elevation). This was followed by 5 x 25 push-ups and 5 x 60 sit-ups. The push-ups are getting easier as the summer progresses, which is good. I actually knocked out a few one-handed, to my surprise, as I was just trying out of pure boredom.

Tomorrow, after work and workouts, I will head to Huntsville, AL to see a good friend and ex-boat member Matt Beaver get married. He is marrying Stephanie Rainey, a former crew member who I also know. Beaver and I held down the bow pair in our 4 man shell along with Jason Cottingham and Drew Hall back in the Fall of 2005. I have to say, that was probably the fastest and smoothest boat I have ever been in, and we received medals at the Chattanooga Head Race as well as the Head of the Hooch (the 2nd largest collegiate regatta in the nation). Also, we raced at the prestigious Head of the Charles Regatta, placing 9th out of around 40 shells, finishing in the top 5% to earn a guaranteed entry for the next year. What a great semester. They are getting married on Saturday (7/7/07), so it should be fun. Also, I get to see a bunch of good friends from the years such as Ben Sholes (my cox'n all but one semester), Jason Cottingham (my stroke for 2 years and boat member for 3), his girlfriend (coach for a year and teammate for 2 years), as well as my favorites Rach, Bryn, and Marley, wohooooo!

I am about to dive into Sowell's Basic Economics, as I just finished Friedman's The World is Flat last night. Maybe I'll tell you what I got out of the description of the flat world next time, as this post is already too long.

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