1. I started work on Monday, and its pretty sweet so far. They've got me jacking around with the pipeline simulation software, and it is extremely interesting. Props to Dan Fonseca for giving me the background needed for this line of work.

2. Currently, I am in an erging zone.

3. Next Monday is a holiday. Yay.

4. Funny and quite true quote by Rush Limbaugh:
"I know all I need to know about Barack Obama. Barack Obama would wreck the country. He's a liberal."



Can someone please tell me why Mike Huckabee should be selected to represent the conservative values of the GOP?


For Heather...

Happy 2008, especially to all my friends who are back at school...I am not jealous of your long and tiresome days of grinding out some engineering design project that the hosting company will never implement or some ridiculous paper for your hand-wringing far left liberal professor who thinks that the world will end in no more than 20 years due to a massive rise in sea levels.

I have been inspired by Ms. Heather Wiginton to concoct this post, as she has implicitly reminded me that part of my newly found and temporary free time should be allocated to the continuation of this blog.

I like lists.

Things that I have done since graduation:
1. Dominated almost every black diamond at Steamboat Springs
Moved into a condo
3. Visited the fine city of Houston
4. Ate at my first Brazilian Steakhouse
5. Downed a Breckenridge Avalanche
6. Budgeted my future funds
7. Became an official car owner
8. Survived a windy descent into Birmingham
9. Returned from my church league basketball sabbatical
10. Got 3 good night's sleep on a hard floor

Things to do in the next week or so:
1. Visit some good friends and some very good friends
2. Smoke a victory cigar
3. Successfully complete my first day of work
4. Buy some laundry detergent
5. Continue training
6. Eat some leftover steak
7. Use the George Foreman
8. Catch up on my Rush
9. Watch Fred win South Carolina
10. Listen to the newest Angels and Airwaves cd