Domination at Work

I made significant progress today at work in my attempt to re-design the Smalls Sort at UPS. I have all but finalized the design, and after an initial "looks good" from the Package Planning Manager, I will meet with him tomorrow or Friday for a more in depth review. I'm kind of glad to be done with the MPG Initiative project...it was very interesting and all, but very long, and after 5 to 6 weeks on it I was ready to move on.
Phil, Jamie, Jamie's Dad, and I went on a close-to-15 mile bike ride this evening. We started out climbing up Patton Chapel Road before snaking through Bluff Park and on down to the end of Shades Crest Road, where we turned right and headed towards Highway 31 before coming home through Star Lake and back down Patton Chapel. After stretching and resting, I knocked out 90 push-ups. 20 of them were one-armed (left arm), 20 were one-armed (right arm), 20 were 5 second negatives, 10 were declined, and 20 were normal.
We have biked twice this week, and my legs are pretty shot. I think I may take tomorrow off from doing any kind of physical activity.

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