Sore, Tired

Today was a pretty good day. All of the Birmingham Managers at UPS are looking over our recommendations, and we are planning to make the adjustments on Wednesday night to be ready for the Thursday routes. I had a little bit of touch up work to do this morning, but we are pretty much at the point where we have to wait on approval for our plan. I borrowed the book Excel 2003: Power Programming with VBA by John Walkenbach (also known as "Mr. Spreadsheet") from Jordan. As I mentioned earlier, I am learning the ropes of VBA, because already in my 5 weeks of work at UPS, I have come across numerous instances where I could have easily executed an otherwise time-wasting task with a macro. Anyways, I made some strides today in my quest, as I finished up the first chapter entitled Introduction to Visual Basic Applications.

After work, I headed straight to the Hoover REC to get a leg workout in. I didn't know what to expect, because it had been 10 days since my last leg workout. Previously, I was making tremendous gains on all exercises (squats, calf raises, leg extension, and leg curls), but I wasn't sure how my sabbatical would effect my strength. Anyways, I decided to continue adding 10 lbs more on each set as compared to the previous workout. As it turned out, I actually felt stronger after 10 days off! I am 5 lbs away from reaching 300 lbs on my last set of squats (for 2 reps), and I increased on all other exercises. Keep in mind, I am a major proponent of doing "real squats," and anyone that has ever worked out with me can verify this fact. I absolutely can't stand watching people do what I call "knee flexors," or only squatting down enough to barely bend the knees. Most of time, you will see meat-heads do this, as they focus so much on upper body strength and they still want their weak lower body to look strong. Haha.

After running by the bank and the post office, I headed home for some taco salad dinner. I continued work on my Father's Day gift to my Dad, which is to put all of his running data (date, distance, time, etc) into Microsoft Excel. He has kept track of his runs since 2000, and I have completed years 2000, 2001, and 2002. Both of my parents are pretty big into running and biking, so this will really help my Dad out as he is basically computer illiterate. I have found that through my experiences in rowing for the U of A Crew Club, it always helped me to keep track of my workouts and track my gains.

I came across an interesting story today. I read (via a link off OpinionJournal) that a man in Georgia killed a bear with a log. He was camping with 3 of his sons when a bear came up and grabbed their cooler. The guy's 6 year old son threw a shovel at the bear, and of course the bear dropped the cooler and turned to the kid. The father (an ex-marine) grabbed a nearby log and hurled it at the bear, killing it. Wow. If you don't believe me, check it out for yourself......Man kills bear!

Jamie and I went on a run after dinner, completing one of our trail runs through the Preserve. We kept a nice 7:30 pace for 3.25 miles, but neither of us could ever hit a rhythm. It was probably the most uncomfortable "easy run" that I have ever completed. For one, my legs felt like jelly from lifting earlier, so that certainly did not help. I still have a healing blister on the inside of my left foot, so that did not help either. I think we are just beaten up from hitting the exercise so hard for the last few weeks. I believe that we are going to take tomorrow off, and maybe Wednesday also.

After watching an episode of Man vs. Wild, I am about to pass out. Tomorrow, I plan to make some more progress at work in the area of VBA. Lunch is at my Grandmothers (score), and I also plan to attend The Basement again tomorrow night. Maybe I will get a quick nap in after work. I'm tired. Bed time.

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