Music Shopping Spree + Golf + The Basement

A few weeks ago, I went on a CD buying spree on the ever-popular Amazon.com. After about an hour of browsing, I ended up with 9 CD's in the cart. They were as follows:

Lies for the Liars by The Used
I have thoroughly enjoyed the first 2 releases by The Used, and this album is no different. However, as with almost any band, their style is changing. It seems to be moving towards a more “pop-ish” tone, if that makes any sense. It seems to me that every single band that starts out “hard” in their early days tends to evolve into more of a mainstream rock or pop sound as they get more and more popular. This is especially evident in bands such as Incubus, among others. Anyways, that aside, I really enjoy the song “Paralyzed”, and the rest of the CD is pretty good also.
Minutes to Midnight by Linkin Park
As a high schooler, Linkin Park was definitely ranked high amongst my favorite bands. Their ability to blend rock and hip-hop was so “catchy” and unlike any other style that I had ever heard, I instantly became a huge fan. Their first 2 releases (Hybrid Theory, and Meteora) were huge successes, but in my opinion, Minutes to Midnight does not stack up. (They also released an album called Reanimation which consisted of remixes and a few collaborative songs.) It seems that their style is shifting to more of a mainstream rock, even though there are parts that exhibit their hip-hop abilities. It is still a good CD, just not what I want out of Linkin Park. However, I will be traveling to Atlanta, GA in August to see them perform, which I have wanted to do for a number of years. They are heading up the Projekt Revolution Tour, which also includes bands such as My Chemical Romance, Saosin, and of course my favorite, Taking Back Sunday!

A City Divided by the Light Divided by Thursday
This was my first encounter of the band Thursday, and I was pretty impressed. Good sound…..I recommend to any punk rocker.
Still Searching by Senses Fail
This CD is awesome! I really enjoyed their previous two albums, From the Depths of Dreams and Let It Enfold Me, and this one definitely follows suit. My favorite track is probably "Can't Be Saved", which also has a video playing on MTV and other music channels. This album has become by new workout music.
The Black Parade by My Chemical Romance
While this album can’t be compared to Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge, it is still a good listen. They will be playing alongside Linkin Park in Atlanta this August…..but I must say that I am more interested in hearing their older stuff.
I Am the Movie by Motion City Soundtrack
Good for relaxed, easy fluid listening, Motion City Soundtrack albums are always fun to listen to. Although I think the album Commit This to Memory is better, it is still enjoyable.
Saosin by Saosin
I was recommended to this band by a friend of mine, and they are awesome! They will also be playing alongside Linkin Park during the Projekt Revolution Tour.
World Service by Delirious?
Pretty much every song on this Christian praise band’s CD is awesome, especially the hit "Majesty."
United We Stand by Hillsong United
The same goes for this album, whose hits “From the Inside Out” and “Came to the Rescue” are extremely great worship mediums. It is from the latter of these two songs that I describe the goal of my spiritual life: “In my life, be lifted high.”

Today was a pretty good day at work, except for the fact that I was looking forward to playing golf with my Dad the whole time, hoping the rain would hold off. I finished up planning the truck rearrangements for the whole North Division of UPS. Tomorrow, we have a presentation with the Central Division manager concerning the Birmingham building changes, so that should be interesting.

After I got off work at 3:30 p.m., I headed straight to Robert Trent Jones at Oxmoor Valley to play the Short Course with my Dad. The short course consists of all par 3's, and provides a good opportunity to work on iron play and play around the green. Through 9 holes, I was up on my Dad by 2 strokes, shooting a 35 (+8). I started off double bogey, rattle off 6 bogeys in a row, and then finished the front nine in par-par fashion. At that point, I was definitely feeling my putter. The back 9 took a turn for the worse, as a was continuously hitting my tee shots "fat".....I was hitting too much of the ground and the ball was not going as far as I would have liked. I managed a few very nice up-and-downs to save par and bogey a few times, but eventually I got on a double bogey streak and ended up finishing four strokes behind my Dad. I had it down to 3 strokes with 3 holes to go, and produced a par on hole #16 to move within 2 strokes. It looked as if I might post a miraculous comeback, but I ended up hitting a bunker on hole #17 and it was over:( Anyways, it was still a lot of fun. My Dad and I have had some epic battles on the golf course over the years. I actually consider myself to be dead-even with him as far as scoring goes, but you can't win them all.

I rushed home after we finished in attempt to meet up with Heather to catch a ride to The Basement over in Trussville. I got stuck behind some dude doing 35 the WHOLE way down Shades Crest Road, but I guess that happens sometime. For those curious about what The Basement is, I'll try to explain. Basically, it is a worship experience for people of all ages. It has a club sort of atmosphere, which is very interesting and fun. The worship starts off with a Christian rap group (they are signed and have albums out and everything) performing on stage. The crowd is going wild, and people are jumping up and down, all the while praising God. It is sweet. From what I know, the Basement started out in.....guess where.......somebody's actual basement, I think a few years ago. It has grown and grown, and is basically taking Birmingham by storm. It now takes place at Cathedral of the Cross in Trussville, a massive church, and the two times that I have been there have been over 500 people there. I introduced myself to a dude sitting next to me tonight, and quickly found out that he drove all the way from Destin, FL. Still another guy traveled all the way from somewhere in Louisiana.....God is definitely working here! Matt Pitts (sp?), the speaker, was talking about being on fire for God tonight, and he posed a very, very good, thought provoking, hair raising, stomach dropping, why-haven't-I-done-this question, and I will end with this (it was quoted something like this, maybe not exactly):

"Throughout history, there have been many people that have died in the name of Jesus Christ. If all of these people would DIE rather than renounce his name, would it be too much to ask for us to LIVE for Him?"

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