Scheduled Presentation

Since I got to work this morning, we have been preparing for our presentation about the MPG Initiative project that we have been working on. We were originally supposed to hop on the end of a Building Managers conference call, but this has turned into a presentation to the Manager of the Central Division as well as the 6 Building Managers in the division. Its actually going to be pretty cool, showing these upper managers how they can help UPS save a projected $10 million a year on fuel costs:) I have anticipated a few questions, and I have included some sweet Appendix slides in our presentation just in case......they won't know what hit them. Also, I plan on using the highlighter and pen features that are available in PowerPoint, so that should win us some point for creativity. Our presentation is at 1:30 p.m., and we have absolutely nothing else to do until then....hence the blog entry.

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