Car Nightmares + Tennis

Well, we were finally ready to implement our car changes today, and as it turns out, some of the Dispatch Supervisors had already done some switching in the past few weeks. THANKS A LOT GUYS. So now, instead of changing the cars around tonight before the Thursday morning Preload gets underway at around 3:45 a.m., we will try to hurry and get it ready for the Friday routes. In an event of shear disbelief, the Standard Car Lineup (the sheet that shows exactly what cars are being ran and where they are positioned) actually had the SAME CAR in TWO DIFFERENT SPOTS! Is UPS running phantom cars or something?

After work, I headed home and hung around until around 6:00 p.m. Jamie and I then headed to Chase Lake Country Club to join Moose and Matt Sterley for a round of doubles tennis. I had not played in about 2 weeks, after starting off the summer playing just about every day. I had a rather mediocre night, with my net-play sucking to say the least. My serves were actually doing well, and out of the 30 games or so that we played, I think I only lost one service game. Sterley and I went out strong and got up 4-0 in the first set, and then survived a late comeback to take the first set 6-4. From then on, our play got worse and worse. We should have easily handled them, but our horrendous play handed us a loss in the tie-breaker in the second set and a 4-6 defeat in the third and final set. If either of us had been anywhere near our A game, we would have for sure gone something like 6-2, 6-1, 6-2, game-set-match. Oh well.

I'm going to go listen to some guy ramble on about how the world is flat and simultaneously bash the Bush Administration as much as possible. What is everyone doing for the 4th??

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