Presentation + Misc.

The presentation went excellent. All of the managers were a lot more receptive than I thought.....I was very surprised. I may be traveling to Montgomery on Friday to give this same presentation, but that is still in the works. Tomorrow, I will continue optimizing centers throughout Alabama as well as finalize the Birmingham building implementation plans. I think we are going to try to get things going early next week, so we will see how that goes.

Today was an upper body workout, and as usual, both Jamie and I dominated. I continued to move up 5-10 lbs on every exercise, just as I have been doing since June 1st. I'm feeling pretty good right now, and I'm hoping I can continue this same trend throughout the summer. We then headed down to Hoover High School to take advantage of some of the trails. About 2 minutes and 30 seconds into the run, we came across a stream that had (somehow, even with the drought) completely covered the bridge. After searching for a way to cross we eventually just ran straight across the knee-deep 15 foot wide stream. We finished the run in about 28 minutes, and then quickly knocked out 105 push-ups and 260 sit-ups before heading home.

After grabbing some dinner, I finally decided to fill out my F.E. exam application, which is due on July 1st. All I have to do now is get it notarized tomorrow....and write an $85 check:( I am not really looking forward to taking this exam come October, but it is necessary in order to graduate so I guess I have no choice. I continued my re-reading of The World is Flat, which I hope to finish within the next week so I can start on some good ole' Thomas Sowell. Tomorrow, I plan on running a bunch of errands, as well as starting the data entry part of by Fathers Day gift to my Dad. Basically, I am creating an Excel spreadsheet for him to keep track of all of his running information (date, time, distance, etc), as well as input the last 4 years of data! He is an avid runner (and computer illiterate), so it is an excellent gift. Hopefully work tomorrow will be fun.....

For all you people out there that enjoy political talk, click on the link below. Jordan, you have inspired me with your Fred Thompson videos!

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