Labor Day

It's been 1 week since I last posted...I am really slacking as of late! Last week was the first full week of classes, and a boring one at that. Also, I came down with a cold so it was a pretty miserable week.

I turned in my first circuits homework, and it wasn't too bad. The class is somewhat interesting, but it will still be hard due to a lack of motivation because I am positive that I will NEVER solve a circuits problem again in my life. The same goes for my civil engineering materials class (which so far has been my daily nap time) and my thermodynamics class. I am taking one very interesting class: Reliability. It is taught by one of my favorite professors, Dr. Fonseca, and so far it has proved to be very thought provoking.
I joined the Master's Swim Club, and we practiced on Monday and Wednesday night. I will continue this throughout the semester. We swam 2700 meters each of the nights, and it was a really good workout. I am excited about getting back into swimming after a 4+ year sabbatical.
I was able to get in 2 rides this past week: I rode 23.6 miles with the Tri Club last Tuesday and 28 miles with Jason yesterday. I plan on biking a lot more in the near future.
Tomorrow I am getting my VO2 max tested by Catalina, one of the Swim Club coaches. She is a Master's student in Exercise Science, and is completing some research this semester of which a VO2 max is part of. After hearing her explain it to me, I quickly agreed to be a test subject.

I'm pretty excited to not be sick anymore.

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