This has been a busy week...
-homework turned in for each of my 4 classes, as well as a lab report
-Sunday church, Tuesday night bible study, Thursday night The Well
-Crimson Tide Master's Swim Club on Monday and Wednesday night
-Monday night Alabama Triathletes meeting
-2 trials completed in the research that I am doing for Catalina's Exercise Science program
-work at the Productivity Center for 2 hours on Monday-Friday
-ran around 9 miles total
-biked around 10 miles
Tomorrow, The U of A plays Arkansas at Bryant Denny, it shouuld be a pretty good game. I think that if we can stop the run, we will win. Their passing game is pretty weak, so if we can just stop McFadden and put some points on the board, we will be fine. We will see what happens.
I have tests next week in Thermodynamics and Circuits, so I need to get some studying done this weekend. I also have a lab due on Monday and a homework due on Tuesday, so Sunday will likely be a busy day. The Career Fair is next Tuesday, so I plan on doing some major networking and getting some interviews set up. A guy from Southern Company called me 2 days ago wanting to talk about opportunities, so I will be chatting with him on Monday. Next week will prove to be just as busy as this week, I'm sure.

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