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2012 brings a new year and a new approach to my triathlon adventure  Pops always said, "you play how you practice", and it's no mystery on what it is that I need to do; become a fish, become a Kenyan, and keep on bikin'.  3 weeks in and some holidays and pretty good weather opened the door for some big hours compared to what I'm used to.  I've never really touched much more than 30-35 miles/week running (or 17 hr weeks for that matter), and I've been a bit surprised at how I've handled it because I was definitely a little doubtful at first.  I think the key here is using frequency to get in big hours without letting any one particular workout trash you for the next day or two, with the exception of yesterday's Birmingham Bike League 4 hour death march...I couldn't move for the next 4 hours!  In hindsight, it probably wasn't the best thing to do because it pretty much trashed the rest of the day, but it was totally worth it!  For me, having fun is and always will be a corequisite of racing.  Sometimes it's worth pushing back that run until sunset! 

Dec 26 - Jan 1
S:  10,800 yds - 2h 46min
B:  154.95 mi - 10h 1min
R:  33.52 mi - 4h 29 min
Total:  17h 16min

Jan 2 - Jan 8
 S:  14,050 yds - 3h 23min
 B:  152.22 mi - 9h 11min
 R:  38.15 mi - 5h 0min
 Total:  17h 34min

Jan 9 - Jan 15
S:  14,650 yds - 3h 41min
B:  152.22 mi - 8h 32min
R:  40.25 mi - 5h 10min
Total:  17h 24min


James Haycraft said...

Do you live in a hilly area?

Chad Williamson said...

Yea, Birmingham is pretty hilly...although if you want flat rides here, you can make it happen. Usually in the winter time when I ride my road bike I try to do a lot of climbing...normally it's on the order of 1,000 ft per 10 miles...and when I get back on the tri bike I move to flatter rides.