Rumpshaker 5k Race Report

Mar 25 - Mar 31
S:  11,450 yds - 2hr 41min
B:  116.28 mi - 6hr 40min
R:  39.83 mi - 5hr 16min
Total:  14hr 37min

With a name like Rumpshaker 5k, I couldn’t really turn down this race!  The course is mostly flat and super fast, and with a huge half mary PB back in early March I figured that I was due for raising the bar in the 5k distance.  The competition at this race always seems to be a little stiff for a local 5k, with winning times usually in the low 16’s.  I figured I may be good for a top 5 overall or so, and I also joined up with some friends in the coed team division to try and do some damage there.  Race morning was practically perfect!  Temperatures were in the mid to upper 50’s with a slight cool breeze, and the sky was partly cloudy…perfect race weather.  Lori and I did a nice 20 minute warm up with a couple of strides, and then it was off to the start line.  The race played out pretty much how all 5k’s play out: start out hard and hold on for dear life.

Straight from the gun we took off and I hopped on the heels of the leaders.  Three to four of us got an early gap in the first minute or so, right before going over a bridge with the only elevation change on the course.  As we hit the bridge I backed down to a sustainable pace while the 3 others pressed on ahead.  By the end of the bridge I had been passed and was sitting in 6th place with local baller Deanna Newman sitting on my feet.  The goal for the race quickly turned to “do not get chicked!”.  We rolled through mile 1 in 5:35 and I was hurting but still felt relatively good (not that you ever feel good in a 5k, but I felt like I could at least possibly maintain that pace).  At the halfway point I really started to hurt (physically and mentally) but just told myself that if I could only suck it up for 9 more minutes I’d have a nice new PB.  Mile 2 rolled through in 5:49 and I think I had put a small gap into Deanna, although I wouldn’t let myself look back because that shows weakness.  Mile 3 brought a new sense of determination.  We were on the out-and back portion of the course so seeing other runners was motivating.  Coming back over the bridge I just about blew myself up but fortunately I crested the top before that happened.  Mile 3 was a 5:44 and since I was still too afraid to look back I decided to just try and make myself sprint for the line.  I was really hyperventilating at this point and remember thinking to myself that I had not breathed that hard in quite some time.  I crossed the line in 17:32 for 6th overall, and ended up not getting chicked…yay!  Props to Deanna for a 17:39…not too shabby for a 42 year old female.  And even more props to Lori, who came in 2nd overall female at 17:52…a monster 40 second PB!  Also, our coed team crushed it for the win with a 5-runner average time of 19:03…boom!

Spoils from the race!

What’s even more awesome about this 5k is that I dropped my PB by 20 seconds and it’s only March.  Aside from some 3 to 4 minute hard efforts here in there inside a normal 50 minute run, most of my runs have been easy 7:30 - 8:00 pace.  I think I may have some upside!  The only thing I have been doing of note is running 33 mpw so far in 2013, and 30 mpw for all of 2012.  Sure…speed work may be necessary to run your fastest, but it seems that most underestimate or completely miss the point that consistent mileage is needed as well!

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