Swimming (I mean triathlon) Update

Dec 31 - Jan 6
S:  28,200 yds - 6hr 45min
B:  85.66 mi - 5hr 37min
R:  31.88 mi - 4hr 10min
Total:  16hr 33min

Well, it was the biggest swim week of my career, edging out last week thanks to a monster Saturday swim of 7100 yds (2nd longest ever).  Luckily, my masters coach joined me for the first 5000 and a buddy of mine joined me for yards 4000-7100.  Without the company it surely would have been much worse!  And for the first time ever, I spent more time in the pool this past week than I did either biking or running.  That's just weird...but it felt good.  Hopefully the hard work will pay off in the near future.  

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