What looked like an excellent day for cycling in theory turned out to be a nightmare. I awoke at 6:50 a.m. to meet a group at the BBC for a long easy ride. We turned pedals at 8 a.m. and not 15 minutes later, the bottom dropped out. Pouring rain. So much for today's mileage.
I went home and waited for the thunder to pass so I could go make up a swim that I missed yesterday due to the Hoover Rec being closed on the 4th. The swim went well, 4K total, except for this idiot Asian man and a crap ton of kids were invading my lane. I was on my main set, 3 x 400 meters, and during the first 100 meters of my last set this dude decides to camp out in MY lane. I mean, what? I ran him over, stopped for a second, said something mean (I think) and then went on my way.
After I got home, I checked the radar to see if there was any chance I could get any more mileage in on the bike because it was actually sunny outside. There was a cell a little west of Tuscaloosa, and using my judgment (which is usually pretty good), I estimated that I had at least 2 hrs. Although I was supposed to do 3 hrs, I would settle for 2 given the circumstances. I headed out east towards Mountain Brook and Irondale, hopped on 78, and then started back in on Old Leeds Road. About halfway down Old Leeds, the sky almost immediately turned dark. Great. At this point, I just knew that I was going to get rained on again. I made it all the way back to Brookwood Mall before the bottom dropped out. It was ridiculous. I definitely got some weird looks form some cars driving around, probably saying "what is this idiot doing in the middle of a thunderstorm?" I just wanted to respond "riding my bike more in 1 day than you will in your life!" Haha.
Apparently, its supposed to rain for the next 7 days. Crap. Good thing next week is a recovery week for the upcoming tri in Chattanooga.

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