Erg Sprints

Final stats at the 2008 Tennessee Indoor Rowing Championships:

Collegiate Lightweight Men 2000 meters: 6:51.7, 3rd place
Collegiate Lightweight Men 500 meter dash: 1:29.7, 3rd place

Overall, I was happy with the way my collegiate rowing career ended. I logged about 450,000 meters in the 15 weeks leading up to the event, but it was actually only about 12 weeks because I missed one week for my hurt shoulder, one week for the ski trip, and one week for this really insane week last semester where I had like 4 tests and a project. About 40 miles running and 200 miles on the bike were logged as well.

Anyways...I think a 2K in the low 6:50's is about as fast as I can get while rowing only once a day...unless I had another month or two to train.

There were some other guys and girls from UA that did well too, so congrats to them.

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