2014 Catch Up

2014 has pretty much been the best year ever on all fronts...hence the super long sabbatical from writing about what's going on.  At the top of the list was asking the most beautiful girl in the world to marry me (she said yes) and then marrying her 5 months later in early August!

newly engaged, enjoying a nice little view of B'ham after running up a mountain

the rock!

gifts before the wedding

Between planning the wedding festivities, figuring out where to live, and merging the rest of our lives, we both still managed to do some very good training and racing.  My hours and consistency were probably down a little bit compared to previous years (much more fun and important things to do like spend time with my amazing fiance' and now wife), but I had a pretty good year with 3 overall wins, a new half marathon and 5k PB, and a fine showing at the Memphis in May double.  Chattanooga was a pretty big bummer with a flat tire on the bike but life goes on.

trying to go fast

2014 Results
Red Nose Run 5k - 18:27 - 4th OV
Tashka Trail Run 25k - 2:07:56 - 8th OV
Mercedes Half Marathon - 1:22:00 - 38th OV
Double Oak Duathlon - 1:04:27 - 1st OV
Gulf Coast Triathlon - 3:59:12 - 11th OV (no swim)
Memphis in May Sprint Triathlon - 58:17 - 3rd OV
Memphis in May Olympic Triathlon - 2:00:58 - 4th OV
Heatwave Triathlon - 1:50:18 - 1st OV
Chattanooga Waterfront Triathlon - 2:20:54 - 26th OV (flat tire)
Buster Britton Triathlon - 54:35 - 1st OV
Retro Run 5k - 17:18 - 9th OV
Ross Bridge 8k - 29:48 - 3rd OV

finishing up the run for a win at Heatwave Triathlon

Lori also had a stellar year on the racing front (no surprise here).  She crushed her half marathon PB by running just a hair over 1:22, finished 1st OV at Double Oak Duathlon, and finished 3rd OV at Gulf Coast Triathlon in her first half-iron distance race.  Stud!

So what's next?  Well, two weekends ago Lori and I went up to volunteer at and watch the inaugural Ironman Chattanooga.  Many times, there is only one reason to volunteer at IM, and that is to sign up for the next year...and that is what we both did!  I think I know what we'll be doing for the next year!

favorite race moment of the year: head to head duel with Jeffrey!

As always, thanks to Accelerate3 for the road map to success.  Also, thanks to Bob's Bikes, XMR Sports, Sweat & Gears, and my amazing wife for the support! 

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