Jun 10 - Jun 30
S:  38,772 yd - 8hr 57min
B:  367.45 mi - 21hr 16min
R: 95.05 mi - 12hr 21min
Total:  42hr 34min

As long as I have been seriously training, I've always thought about running one mile, full gas, on a track, for time.  These thoughts have never been put into action, until now.  As an at-large board member of the local triathlon club (Vulcan Triathletes), I came up with the idea of doing a bike and run time trial series this summer.  The series consists of 2 bikes and 2 run; and yes, to satisfy my own selfish desires, one of these runs was a 1 mile track race!  This may sound pretty boring, but I was pumped.  My training and racing this year suggested I MIGHT be able to crack the 5 minute barrier, but predictions and actuality are two completely different things.  Nonetheless, I was going to give it my best shot.

For those that don't know, and I'm always surprised at how true this is, a mile is 1609 meters (not 1600).  So, 4 laps around a 400 meter track + an extra 9 meters.  My normal track does not have the 1 mile line marked so we just stood 1 meter in front of the 110 meter line, which is 10 meters behind the start/finish line.

And now, for the shortest ever "race report".  There were only 4 of us participating.  Jeremy Clark was a collegiate runner and said he would do his best to keep me on track for a sub 5.  We took off and before I knew it we had blown through the first quarter (plus the extra 9 meters) in 73 seconds.  On lap 2 I was feeling good but things were starting to hurt.  I glanced down at the halfway point and saw 2:26; still on track.  The third lap was tough; my arms were getting tight and my legs were burning...but it passed by still on track.  At this point I knew I had it but this didn't make the last lap any less excruciating.  With a final "sprint" I crossed the line in 4:58.2...success!!

"the proof"

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